Hospitals & Healthcare Division


Hospitals have very specific demands for lighting due to the impact lights have in patients and staff. Making up for over 10% of a hospital’s energy bill, inefficient lighting represents a huge opportunity for energy savings – specially when considering that hospitals operate 24/7.

With more consistent light, no glare or flicker, Green LED Lighting efficient lighting can enhance environments, make it more comfortable and also reduce maintenance and cooling costs. Lighting upgrades in the form of new fixtures or retrofits are an easy decision and excellent opportunity of improvement for hospitals.



Hospitals are tipically lit up with a combination of Fluorescent and Metal Halide fixtures. These outdated lighting systems consume high levels of energy and require constant maintenance due to burned lamps or lenses.

Metal Halide – normally used in hospital’s parking garages and outdoor areas – has a very steep lumen maintenance curve, meaning that it loses a lot of its brightness (40%) on its first 20 thousand hours. Induction and LED hold on to their lumen output for much longer, while lasting much longer too. Induction will still have 90% of its lumen output at 60,000 hours and LEDs reduce only 20% on its first 40,000 hours. The savings with fewer lamp replacements are just as significant as the wattage savings.