Government & Municipalities


Upgrading the lighting in public areas in as effective way to enhance the appearance of an urban area. Compared to other infra structural improvements, lighting projects are among the most cost-efficient and sustainable initiatives. With Green LED Lighting ’ efficient systems, it can also be a way of cutting electricity costs.

GLL can offer a feasibility study to set out and evaluate all details of the project. The study would include analyses on lighting levels, impact on traffic and on neighbourhoods.Green LED Lighting has worked with cities and committees in urban areas in several projects.


A common issue with Metal Halide (H.I.D.) Systems is its quick lumen depreciation, resulting in lamps that go yellow, green or pink with time. These lamps loose 40% of its brightness at 20,000 hours of operation. Because of their high failure rate, it is typical to have a mixture of older yellow lamps and new bright lamps – creating an uneven look.

LED have a much lower lumen depreciation rate, keeping 90% of its brightness for 60,000 hours. With a rated life of 100,000 hours,  – making the city a more secure and comfortable place.