Educational Institutions Division

Universities and other educational institutions have a large demand for multiple types of lighting solutions. Indoor lighting for classrooms, lecture halls, office and common areas have to promote learning, be comfortable for long periods of time, have no glare. Outdoor lighting for parking lots and other common areas must provide safety while being efficient and attractive.

The applications are endless. Green LED Lighting offers products for all solutions needed, including LED and Induction lighting. Our products perform better, save energy and last longer.


Universities commonly utilize a mixture of Metal Halide (H.I.D.) and Fluorescent lighting. That represents a huge potential for energy savings, as both types of lighting require higher wattages to perform well. Upgrading a learning facility’s lighting to a more efficient system, such as LED, will not only create a healthier environment for students and improve their performance, but will also greatly reduce the energy consumption. These modern lighting systems operate at less than half the wattages of traditional systems such as Metal Halide or Fluorescent.

Other benefits that come along a more efficient lighting system, like the one suggested above, include longer rated life, better color rendering index, lower lumen depreciation rate, instant restrike, no glare nor flicker.